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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  December 28, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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torm heads our way. doug hill is in the weather center with the latest addition to expect. >> right now is partly cloudy. 48 degrees in arlington, outside the belfort furniture weather center. and you storm system is gathering, a lot of rain showing up now. -- a new storm system is gathering, a lot of rain showing up now. a winter weather advisory has been posted from 3:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. temperatures in the lower 30's. it will mix and change to rain. the areas shaded and blue, one to three inches. not a major storm, but definitely snow to deal with. a reminder that winter has finally arrived in our area. >> lawmakers have just been a
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more days to figure out how to avoid the fiscal cliff. present obama just spoke about this. rebecca cooper is in our newsroom with what we are hearing about the meeting. >> the president quoted yogi bear saying it is deja vu all over again with congress' continuing its bickering. now he is saying they should at least a vote on extending tax cuts for middle-class americans and extending unemployment benefits before january 1, because. >> the hour for immediate action is here. it is now. we are now at the point where in just four days, every american's tax rates are scheduled to go up by law. every american paycheck will considerably smaller. that would be the wrong thing to do. >> after meeting with the
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president and treasury secretary, congressional leaders headed back to the capital without a deal. nancy pelosi insists some progress was made. disgorge by reports the would not be a deal todaythe dow closed down. the president did not make any new offers. congress should least extend tax cuts for everyone making $250,000 or less, and extend long-term unemployment benefits. democrats said have enough votes in the house and senate to pass the president also version of a short-term plan, but it is up to republicans in the house to call a vote. >> in the case of the speaker, i don't refuse to hold a vote per one of the key players, chris
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van halle, ranking democrat and house budget committee says he understands the public frustration -- hollen, ranking democrat and house budget committee, says he understands the public frustration. today the house speaker said he will not call for any votes until the senate has voted. possible new year's eve a vote on monday. mitch mcconnell went to the senate floor and said his hopeful and optimistic. those are two words we have not heard much of in the past couple of weeks. everyone hoping there will be a deal before january 1. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >> we will continue to follow the fiscal cliff negotiations and any new developments to come. for more coverage, what world news but here tonight at 6:30. >> charges pending against three
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people involved a police case that ended with a crash in southeast d.c. today. d.c. police said the suspect stole a car in landover and allegedly stole items from cars and other locations. a police chase followed, and the suspect fled in a stolen car. the driver lost control, hit another car and slanted to a metro bus near the intersection of wheeler and southern have occurred. several people were injured in the crash. all three suspects are now in police custody. two man charged with brutally beating a man near eastern markets last august have pleaded not guilty. the co two are demanding a jury trial and wilbur current -- return to court for a status hearing next wednesday. >> loudoun county, a sheriff's deputy found himself on the other side of the law. robert degroot being held tonight after allegedly assaulting his friend.
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>> he is being held with no bond. he has been with the loudoun county sheriff's office for seven years. tonight he is suspended while there is investigation. here is his mug shot. we're told that for now he has been stripped of all his powers as a sheriff's officer. until now, he worked in the corrections unit and also the court system. tonight he is the one who is in jail facing two charges. it stems from an incident that happened here in the ashburton village neighborhood, the home of the victim. the two were inside, working on a house together when according to that victim, all of a sudden degroot assaulted him. neighbors tellus the victim ran to their house to call 911. the victim was treated at the hospital and released, according to authorities. we're told but a neighbor that he was injured but the injuries were not severe.
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degroot is being held in the jail in loudoun county and on no bond. >> customs agents made a christmas eve a drug bust at dulles international airport. the found 11 pounds of heroin in the lining of a woman's suit case. 68-year-old tweneboah arrived at dulles from amsterdam. it was the lead at $365,000. >> coming up, a strike averted at the eastern seaports. what has to happen to protect the nation's cargo business going forward. >> what you can expect when you wake up in the morning. >> the biggest gun show in east coast kicks off in northern virginia. they're expecting bigger c
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>> police lined up for their chance -- people lined up to see a large assortment of guns being offered a this week and's gun show in chantilly, virginia. >> protesters joined the outside. the northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg of live with more. >> before this show open about 3:00 this afternoon, the lines
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were huge. when the doors finally did open, people rushed in, resulting in what we're seeing here now. huge crowds. you can hardly make your way around this room. it is quite possible that a lot people here did not plan to attend until after new town. in in nine years since the so- called nation gun show started its run in northern virginia, no crowd has ever been this big. >> a lot of people are looking out for themselves and their families today. >> for every gun people buy or own, none can work without ammunition. that is where this man comes in. >> this is the ak-47 ammunition. >> he says sales since newtown have increased dramatically. >> the fear of being helpless is what i say is the biggest fear of anybody who comes in here and buys. >> this is considered the biggest gun show on the east coast. at least 300 vendors are here.
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600 were turned away. antiques and collectibles are popular, but it is the assault weapons attracting the most interest. >> guns are telling our children. >> members of the anti-gun group code pink, the same group that interrupted the nra press conference last week, are here pushing for congress to take action and for gun owners to join them. >> we need a rational conversation. the gun society is keeping us from having a rational conversation. >> the demand for guns in virginia has been unprecedented since newtown. last saturday alone, virginia state police handled 5145 requests for background checks, the highest one day total since the program began in 1989. chantilly, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news pro members of 25 church
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organizations -- news. >> members of 25 church organizations gathered outside this gun dealership. 20 children held 20 candles to remember the children killed. >> another potential business crisis has been averted. >> it is cold, but things will be changing overnight. >> the dallas cowboys have not-- the redskins want a fast track for argie iii. -- rgiii. coming up, abc 7
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>> today the operators of east coast ports agreed to extend the longshoremen's contract for another 30 days. this move averted a potential strike. maryland governor martin o'malley is applauding the
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extension, saying baltimore's port is a major part of maryland's economic strength. the main issue is royalty payments for each container unloaded. >> former president george h. w. bush is still in intensive care. the spokesperson says he is improving. the 88-year-old with the hospital november 23 with bronchitis related symptoms. his doctors say he is in good condition, good spirits, and alert. former president bush was placed in the ico after he developed a fever -- icu after he developed a fever. >> highway crews are preparing for winter storm expected to hit tomorrow. kreuz spread the icing chemicals -- crews spread de- icing chemicals on bridges. >> is this really necessary? >> we're going to have live
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extensive coverage of news channel it about is no tomorrow morning. check with us then. -- channel 8 about the snow tomorrow morning. this view from fairfax. during the day it was a parade of high, thin clouds. and more in the way of cloud is coming to town. 36, morning lloyd reagan national. dryness, moisture in the air measuring in the 20's we're in good shape. . we're in good shape to get snow overnight. this is our winter weather advisory that goes into affect at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow until 6:00 p.m.
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for the district, southern eastern suburb. rain thunderstorms down south. new areas of snow breaking up. everything advancing off to the east. one area of low pressure. we will see a secondary low develop. it will essentially take most of the muster with it during the day tomorrow. it will not intensify until it moves out into the ocean. 3:00 in the morning snow will be arriving according to your computer model from the west. temperatures will be in the 30's. a little southeasterly push comes in, notice the areas the snow will start piling up north and west. that will continue into the afternoon. we're in good shape through the evening with cold, cloudy weather and sunshine returning to the day on sunday. north and west of the district,
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two to four inches. here's our forecast. snow in the morning, metro area mixing with the rain. it will stay cold throughout. to buttress will be called for the next several days. sunshine on new year's day, 40 degrees. -- temperatures will be called for the next several days. sunshine on new year's day, 40 degrees. i want to remind you to check out bob ryan has put together a new interactive blog video of the time line of what to expect for the snow tomorrow. >> are they ready?
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>> i think they're ready to go. redskins went through a good christmas practice of the park today. rg3 continues to free up, plan without pain or a lamp. he is still wearing the news breeze, but free enough in getting used to it. unlike last week, mike shanahan is going to turn him loose. the want rg3 to feed off this thanksgiving day success in dallas. the sky seems to play his best in the biggest games. -- this guy seems to play his best in the biggest games. and it does not get better than this, sunday night. >> you know who is going to be watching that game whether it is a 1:00 game or a night game. everybody takes the approach. nobody wants to be embarrassed on national tv. everybody is going to give it their best shot. >> rg3, redskins and cowboys for the nfc east title. the last day of the nfl regular
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season. the loser probably stays home for the playoffs. let's get streaking. the skins have won six straight bowl games to get into the playoffs. it is all here for the taking, made all that much sweeter by the fact is against the dallas cowboys. >> every time i play a plea as if it is a rivalry game. the eagles, the cowboys, no matter who it is. i'm giving it my all, when her%. >> keep an eye on the weather. -- 100%. keep an eye on the weather. there is progress in the nhl talks. nhl made its first offer to the players association since early december. they have been steadfast in keeping player contracts to five years. the have not opted to six years. this is significant.
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-- the have now upped it to six years. all the goal judges and video technicians have been told to get ready to go. and and may be near. ohio university blessed louisiana c'mon row35the end mythe end may be near. the wizards play orlando tonight. >>
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>> it will be very interesting weekend. >> here comes the moisture from the west. the storm system developing out west of the mountains. the winter weather advisory from 3:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. north and west of washington. a general look at snowfall amounts. because of to the outer suburbs,mostly it will be rain. once we get through this in the afternoon, it will turn into a partly cloudy, breezy day on sunday. a lot more on the weather and timing tonight at 11:00. >> our sister stationstation, news channel 8 will have updates all morning long. that does it for us for now. >> have a good night and a good weekend.
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